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To transform the janitorial industry by empowering our employees through meaningful work, providing exceptional service, and utilizing resources to better communities both locally and abroad.




“Capstone Education Group is extremely satisfied with our move to Give Clean.  The Give Clean staff understand that the work they do each day has a huge impact on creating a positive learning environment and are they invested in doing their part to make our schools great.  The staff are responsive to our daily needs and regularly meet with the operations teams seeking feedback and being proactive about upcoming events and breaks that affect the cleaning schedules. Give Clean are more than a crew that helps our schools, they are a part of our team and we are grateful for their partnership.”



“Give Clean has done a great job providing a clean and hospitable environment for our Campus. They are quick to respond to any needs and handle our facility with care as if it is their own. I would highly recommend Give Clean.”



about us


Give Clean provides janitorial services to all types of organizations - big, small, or in-between. We piloted with a handful of clients in June 2018 and have been learning and growing since then. This is not a new industry, but as a new player in the game our team is striving to do things a little differently in how we empower our employees, most of whom are members of the refugee community, how we partner with clients, and how we can support our communities. 

Some of you may be familiar with our sister company, Agape North, and therefore know our driver, Moses Kute, but for those of you who don’t, here are some things you need to know. Moses is passionate, dedicated, joyful, and quite possibly the hardest worker you will ever meet. In less than a year at Agape North, he made a palpable impact on our team and our company. More than that, though, he opened our eyes to the presence, the struggles, and the individuals existing within the refugee community in Memphis.

We recently asked Moses to describe himself, to which he answered, “I see the world and people as a donut. Many people see them as the hole in the middle and focus on what they’re missing, but I choose to focus on the donut to see the whole picture of who they are and can be.”  

For this reason and many others, Moses has played a key role in helping us form Give Clean and our team. As a company, we strive to see the whole picture whether we are looking at our employees and their strengths or our clients and their needs. It is our hope to be a part of a bigger solution for all who partner with us. Additionally, like Agape North, Give Clean will incorporate a giving component allowing us to further support students both locally and abroad. We are excited to begin this journey and look forward to making a positive impact along the way. 

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